Why Choose Andersonville Physical Therapy?

One-On-One Attention

You’ll work one-on-one with a physical therapist every visit -- we do not use aides or assistants.  Your therapist's focus is on you for the entire treatment time.

Personalized Treatment Plan

We’ll evaluate your unique needs and your lifestyle to help you understand the cause of your pain and what your body needs to heal so you can return to your normal activities. Your treatment will be specific to you!

A Warm, Professional Environment

Physical therapy is your time to focus on you. We offer private treatment rooms so you can relax and concentrate on your rehabilitation.

Communication and Education

We welcome questions and encourage communication – so you’ll feel like a partner in the process, not a bystander. We’ll also show you how posture and movement patterns can be improved to help your healing process.

Eliminating pain is the goal, staying pain free is the finish line

At Andersonville Physical Therapy, we'll help you take control of your body and feel better so you can focus less on pain and dysfunction and more on the things you enjoy.  It's that simple.

Located on Chicago's North Side we provide physical therapy services for people with pain or injuries to the upper body, lower body, and spine.  This includes post-surgical rehabilitationpelvic physical therapy; balance, posture and gait retraining; and women’s and men’s health programs. We also incorporate Pilates and yoga with our treatment and offer classes in these areas so patients and members of our community can keep their bodies healthy.

Call (773) 907-3599 or email andersonvillept@gmail.com to:

  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor’s referral
  • Schedule a free consultation to see if physical therapy is right for you*
  • Find out more about the conditions we treat
  • Ask us questions about physical therapy or how to get started.

*A doctor’s referral is still necessary to begin a treatment plan. We are happy to assist and communicate with your doctor to set that up.